Why Porn Can Be Harmful For Married Couples

Marriage can be a wonderful source of accomplishment and happiness in life but similar to all experiences in life, couples tend to face unique challenges. For many years now, a significant number of couples have resorted to watching pornography in a bid to spice up their sex lives. However, while porn might seem like an excellent solution for enhancing the libido and the overall sex drive, in many ways its cons outweigh the pros for a couple, and are therefore not a recommended solution. In fact, pornography typically portrays a situation in which individuals engage in aggressive sex, and where men might engage in sex for a longer than average period. In most cases, this type of sex typically influences how men view women, which can lead to issues such as sexual abuse or perhaps regarding them as sexual objects.

Therefore, porn disrupts the ability of the couple to engage on a deeper level since it contributes negatively to the general perception of the couple about what sex is about, and the benefits that it has for the conventional couple. Various research studies have also shown that individuals who consume excessive amounts of pornographic material tend to experience relatively low levels of satisfaction when it comes to conventional sex. This is because pornography triggers various aspects of the brain, and it typically involves some form of dominant sex, which are farfetched from what the typical meaning of sex is for a couple.

To be specific, sex for a couple should be about connecting on a deeper level and developing a deeper bond. Therefore, using pornography will only hamper the overall sexual relationship of the couple and as a result, is not a good solution. It is also a well-known fact that the brain tends to produce more endorphins than normal, since an overload of sexual stimuli occurs in the brain. After a significant duration and depending on the level of porn that the couple consumes, they develop a tolerance for the porn, thereby making it challenging to become aroused under non-pornographic circumstances. As a result, this leads to the consumption of higher quantities of porn, which can finally hamper the couple`s ability to become aroused, cause increased social anxiety, and even marriage complications. There are various other strategies that a couple can settle for to enhance their marriage and pornography is not one of them.

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